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January 20, 2002

18. “Ideas & Trends; Casting Civic Pride In a Utopian Mold”

By Tracie Rozhon

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October 28, 2000

17. “Cracks found in the Myths around Statue; Park Service Librarian Writes
Book to Clarify Lady Liberty’s Origins”

By Glenn Collins

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January 21, 1990

16.“Blacks in Art; Straining Credulity”

Lead to the Editor

Grace Glueck’s “Imaes of Black Art Refracted in a White Mirror [Jan.7] raises some disquieting questions

Click here to read...(1 page)

January 7, 1990

15. “Images of Blacks Refracted in a White Mirror”

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October 19, 1986

Art View

14. “Exhibit illuminates Sargent, Fortune’s favorite

by John Russel

Click here to read...(2 pages)

October 10, 1986

13. “Art: At the Whitney, John Singer Sargent”

By John Russel

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12.July 3, 1986

11. June 20, 1986


10. March 16, 1986

9. March 9, 1986

May 24, 1981

8.“Portrait of an Artist”

By Mary Ann Tighe: Deputy Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts


7. Turin, Italy May 29, 1980

April 27, 1980 

 6. “Thomos Couture’s Heroic Vision of France”

By John Russel

Click here to read...(2 pages)

5. September 1, 1974

June 2, 1974

4.  “There are Some Signs of a Comeback, Maybe, for Life Drawing”

By John Canaday

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3. March 9, 1973

June 23, 1974


 2.“Finding a Lost Chapter of Art History – 19th Century French Salon Painting “

By Hilton Kramer

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1. The Nation, January 8, 1973


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